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Welcome! | Luz de Luna Duran


This website hopes to be the home of all of passions, those which I can share. The goal in everything that I do is to learn more about myself, as it is said that the self is “boundless and measureless”; hopefully this collection of relics helps to elucidate my nature, my essence, and my role in the greater community.

For the Love of Fate

To those of you who turn to landscapes for answers and better questions. To those of you with vision and gifted sight. To those of you who do not confuse embers for flames. To those who seek solace in ancient sensual experiments, you life-drinking drunkards singing to the night, a pledge…

As long as there is Sun light to live by and Moon light to be captivated by, you will find me enraged by impermanence.

Let my passions find their excellence in my hands and my actions. Let my eyes meet their findings with awe. Let the light of the Moon guide me to rhapsodic ascension as she draws out dances in her shadows.


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