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Shootbare | Luz de Luna Duran


This series of photographs were shot in Baltimore, MD at Shootbare studios toward the end of 2013. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with a fantastic photographer, Donna Lasky, who allowed me to explore the emotional environment I was in during what was a very tumultuous end to a very difficult year for me. I was introduced to Donna by Laina Vandekieft whose hands were responsible for the incredible rope work and rigging for this series.

My figure was not softened or exaggerated during the editing process. This was in many ways the documentary purpose of this session as well as the poses that I chose. I wanted these photographs to communicate the reality of the atmosphere of that time and I believe we were able to capture the rawness of the chaotic aura surrounding me while still being able to create beautiful images. When art reflects life, and with it’s powers, transforms it; we get a rare glimpse of it’s elevated purpose- to express what would otherwise be impossible.


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