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Pachakuti Project | Luz de Luna Duran

Pachakuti Project

Today I have added an introduction to a project I have been developing for quite some time. The name of the project, Pachakuti, comes from the Aymara word “Pacha” which means time and space and “Kuti” which means return or revolution. Pachakuti alludes to a return to time, transformation, and/or revolution.

The concept encapsulates many ideas involving destruction and renewal and the meaning behind these events. It is often symbolised by the Toad or Serpent who are believed to be the carriers of it’s message. Often times toads and serpents are called Pachakuti*.┬áPachakuti speaks about the cyclical nature of existence and the end of an era which will give rise to the next. There have been many Pachakuti throughout time and I believe that we are all witness to the one happening during our time.

Everything which exists vibrates, it beats with a rhythmic cadence. As this rhythm slows we recognize a de-cadence and as we reach stillness we come closer to death. Life and evolution can only exist in this dynamic movement which beats in accordance with nature. Nature calls us to change, to evolve, to move to it’s rhythm or succumb to decadence. That which does not change, that which does not renew- dies. Ideas, concepts, religions, prejudice; all of these are static and predictable in their essence and are therefore not in accordance with nature. The ninety degree angle and the straight line do not exist in the Universe. The only thing which does not change is this unrelenting change. The linear and mechanical mind of the modern man cannot fathom the Cosmos.

Pachakuti invokes a return to the primordial time when all life lived in accordance with the cycles of nature. There is much to learn from the stories and artifacts we inherited from our ancestors and mine had a very rich and colorful way of expressing this knowledge. In the years that I have been doing this research I have not found a place where this knowledge is being collected and made available to the masses where it does not also carry a large price tag. The stories and teachings that our ancestors engraved in stone are priceless and as such should be made available to anyone who is searching for their own ancestral call.


*During the dry season when things begin to die toads disappear into the underworld to then come back to this realm during the rainy season when everything seems to come back to life.

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